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                                                       BBQ  Smokers                                                                                             BBQ smokers are considered by enthusiasts to be what barbecue is all about. Although grilling and bbq have long been thought of as the same thing,classic bbq refers to slow cooked meat.Low temperatures, slow cooking,and smoke allow flavor to develop in a natural, delicious way. Cooking at lower temperatures allows the meat to become tender while preserving its natural juices.The result is the most tender and juicy meat every time. Pork shoulders cooked for 12 hours at low heat melt in your mouth!A dark and smokey beef brisket cooked in a bbq smoker that'll make you crave it everytime you bbq.And ribs that just fall off the bone! The long cooking period allows for several different, simple cooking techniques to be used to create fabulous flavor while offering the cook time to enjoy life with family and friends. Make sure you check out BBQ Smokers 2 where we offer more smoker grills, charcoal and wood chips too.

Check out the new Cajun Express Smoker by R & V Works. The special patented cooking method smokes meats at super sonic speeds while still giving you perfectly tasty and tender meats.

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