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           Professional Commercial Grade Fryers

 Throw the ultimate tailgate party! Get a deep fryer for your fire department or church. Get a portable propane fryer for your restaurant, catering business or festival & event business. These commercial grade fryers are worthy of all of the above. Good quality, sturdy construction & portable! They can even be made in stainless steel or with a sealable lid and trailer mount brackets if that is your preference.

We believe that providing versatile, high performance, low maintenance LP gas fryers with unsurpassed quality will give our customers the greatest all around value for their investment.

 The success of the Cajun Fryer by R & V Works is due to the design of the Burner/Flue.  The burner is positioned 6" above the bottom of the oil reservoir and is at a 45 degree angle. This prevents the food batter from collecting on the burner and allows it to fall to the bottom.  Since heat rises, the bottom never gets hot enough to burn or scorch the batter. This keeps the oil tasting clean, cooking after cooking. Watch the video at the bottom of this page for a view of  R & V Works Cajun Fryers. Get an idea of how they are set up and how they work.

  The Cajun Fryer offers and estimated 70% reduction in oil use. That's a savings right there. We recommend changing oil after 25-30 normal cooking's and strain oil every 5th cooking.  Doubling oil life expectancy and a revolutionary design results in fewer oil changes. You will recoup your investment within a short time.

Special modifications can be made upon request.              Check out our combo Fryer/Grill unit!

                     All Cajun Fryer units available in stainless steel. Please call for pricing!



Note:  With a conventional deep fryer the overflow comes out all around the top of the pot and spills directly on the fire.

With the design of the Cajun Fryer and The Bayou Fryer, the spillage will occur in the front of the cooker, with the fire only being exposed in the rear or sides of the cooker.  This is what makes these fryers much safer to cook with. Add on the fact that they use propane and are portable and you've got a great unit for vending, catering, or tailgating!!

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied Cajun Fryer customers. (See more on our About Us page).

"One word for the Fryer
Tom     Eagles Cafe

"Ok,  all I have to say is that this fryer has become everyone's biggest fan!!  It was great!!  It breaks my heart knowing what I spent on the funnel cake fryer I purchased years ago after getting this awesome fryer!!  
The Cajun fryer is amazing and you have been amazing!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  Rosa Bella Cucina, Los Angeles, Ca

 "Our church ordered 2- 17 gallon Cajun Fryers.  We like them so much, we want to order another one. Thank you."

Chris       St. Matthew Catholic Church, Bellevue, NE

"I wanted to thank you for all of your help on my purchase. I also love the fish Coating Buddy that you gave me, it worked perfect.  I used the Cajun Fryer for the second time this past weekend. This was my first big crowd with it. It was a big hit for everyone eating. It was a big hit for me because it was so much easier than using three fryers and not keeping up with the crowd.  I actually had a chance to sit down and visit for a change."


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