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All  of  the  fun of  deep  frying  right  on  your  counter  top. Portable  enough  to  take  on  the  go. A variety  of  sizes  from  family  of  4  to  a  dual  basket  fryer  you  can  use  at  the  next  evening  meeting. Or  use  that  dual  fryer  to  make  breaded  shrimp  and  hush  puppies  and  have  dinner  ready  all  at  the  same  time. These counter top  deep  fryers  are  great  for  camping. Some  of  the  smaller  units  like  the  Presto  Cool  Touch  will store  easy  and  not  take  up  a lot  of  space  on  your  camper  counter  top. It'll  make  a  big  hit  at  the  next  pot  luck  at  the  campground too! Check out our French Fry Cutters on our accessory page. A perfect addition to your counter top fryer!

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