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Bayou Classic 8.5 Qt Dutch Oven/Cast Iron Deep Fryer

Product #:  7460
Brand:  Bayou Classic
This  Bayou  Classic  8.5  Qt  dutch  oven  is  our  small  fry  of  the  cast  iron  deep fryers. Comes  with  a  cast  iron  lipped  dutch  oven  lid  and  a  perforated  aluminum  basket. Good  for  indoor  or  outdoor  cooking...stove  top  deep  fryer, stew  pot, steamer, or  cook  in  the  oven  with  it. Better  yet  put  it  right  on the grill, in  the  camp  fire  or  on  our  tripod  stand (Item # 7485). Must  be  pre-seasoned.
  • 8-1/2-quart Dutch oven includes perforated aluminum basket for steaming or boiling
  • Oven and lid made of rugged cast iron; wire-style handle
  • Slow cooks chicken and stews; rimmed lid holds coals
  • Legless Dutch oven
  • Season before first use; scrub, rinse, and dry after each use
  Find tips on seasoning or re-seasoning cast iron cookware on our Tips,Tricks, & more page.
Price:  $48.00

Bayou Classic 8.5 qt Dutch Oven Cast Iron Deep Fryer

Price: $48.00

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