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Tailgating  is  an  art. It  can  be  low  key, it  can  be  fancy  and  over  the  top. But  simple  or  fancy  we  are  all  looking  for  anything  to  make  this  art  run  as  smoothly  &  easily  as  possible  and  show  our  team  spirit while  we're  doing  it! This  page  is  an  homage  to  all  those  dedicated  fans  out  there. Whether  you're  an  NHRA  fan, NCAA  fan, or  an  NFL  fan...The  Deep  Fryer  Depot  has  what  you  need. Grills, tailgate sauces, tents, team bags & tools, tables...even  portable  fryers. This  page  is  also  handy  if  you're  just  looking  for  a  nice  day  at  the  beach  or  a  picnic  in  the  park. So  pop  the  tailgate  on  the  back  of  your  truck  and  lets  get  cooking!

                                                                Time to pull up a tailgate!!

For those of you that tailgate all season long, no dusting required. For those of you that pull out the gear when the footballs start to fly, it's time to check over your gear and tailgate bins. Time to dust off, recalibrate, and check the stock and supplies. Now is a great time to look into new equipment and gear for the tailgate season that's about to start. Be the envy of the tarmac with a brand new Cajun Fryer or Cajun Express Smoker.

Ask about our Cajun Combo set up for your truck.

Get a Cajun Fryer and a Smokin' Cajun Grill set up to attach right to the back of your pick up. Each unit slides to the sides for cooking with your tailgate down in between for use as a table or counter space. 

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