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In recent years, the deep-frying turkey craze has taken America by storm. Utilizing a turkey fryer allows you to cook the bird in a fraction of the time and creates delicious, crispy skin while maintaining moisture in the meat. Deep-frying a turkey, however, is serious business. It is important to have the proper equipment and take necessary precautions. Now you can deep-fry your own bird safely and effectively with one of our outdoor portable propane deep fryers or traditional turkey fryers from top manufacturers, including  Bayou Classic,  Masterbuilt Butterball,  Eastman Outdoors, and  R & V Works' Cajun Fryers. If you are looking for larger commercial grade fryers, check out our Professional Fryers.

Traditional turkey fryers are versatile and can also be used for steaming, boiling and stewing.  Have a Low Country Boil. Go New England style and steam some lobsters, clams, potatoes and corn. Great for cool weather tailgating recipes, like chili, beef stew, and Philly Cheese Steak. You may also want to check out our great selection of other outdoor cookers, propane stoves, woks from Eastman Outdoors, & Smokin' Cajun and Volcano grills.

Check out our selection of injectable marinades and rubs.

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Many fryer accessories can be found on our Accessories page. If your own kit is missing something, you need gloves, or a new thermometer. These items can all be found there. If you find yourself needed replacement parts, give us a call at 631-806-1986.
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Ideally, deep-frying should always be done outside due to the risk of oil boil overs and fire. Our outdoor deep fryer equipment includes patio stoves and high-quality frying pots that provide safe and effective frying. An outdoor patio stove offers a safe and stable heating surface for your turkey fryer, while our large turkey fryer pots are designed to handle large birds.

Traditional turkey fryers are versatile and can also be used for steaming, boiling and stewing.  Have a Low Country Boil. Steam some lobsters, clams, and corn New England style. Great for cool weather tailgating recipes, like chili and Philly Cheese Steak.

Our turkey fryer kits come with everything that you need to deep-fry your bird successfully, from a large capacity stainless steel or aluminum turkey fryer to a patio stove or outdoor cooker. They also include a seasoning injector,  a thermometer, poultry rack and more.

Be sure to checkout the rest of our site for great deals on a variety of other deep fryers. Our stove top deep fryers can be used to create an assortment of delectable fried goods on your kitchen stove. We also have  convenient countertop models, including Deni deep fryers and Presto & Oster Cool Touch deep fryers. An electric smoker is the perfect way to add additional flavor to your food without adding more oil or calories.

Visit our blog at www.TheDeepfryerDepotInfo.com for delicious recipes and more information on all of our deep fryers.

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